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Before beginning, take three deep breaths to center yourself.

Father, we hear today that your beloved people Israel cried to you for water so they could drink and you gave it to them.  You also said that if they followed you and your commandments, you wouldn’t inflict the same diseases upon them as those that plagued the Egyptians because you are the Lord who heals.  Then, O Lord, we turn to the news and we hear that your beloved children in Uganda are suffering with an unknown disease – Nodding Disease.  Lord, we know you are still the Lord who heals, and that your love and mercy overflow like the springs you gave your people so long ago.  Heal your children – those in Uganda, Liberia, Sudan, and Tanzania – who are suffering with this.  We ask this in the name of your dear Son, our Savior, healer and redeemer, AMEN.

Close with the Lord’s Prayer, pausing between each petition.

For more information about this disease, see this article.